6 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins

Published at wordpress plugin management by saelvizhi on 22nd Apr 2022

A WordPress plugin is a piece of code that "plugs in" to your WordPress self-hosted site. In simpler words, it adds new capabilities to your WordPress site or expands features.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it has over 50,000 plugins that you can use to customize your site.


Plugins can affect your site in a variety of ways, from little tweaks to major overhauls. Some plugins can turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce store, a social network, or a forum.

They can also include minor features such as an Instagram feed. Some WordPress Ecommerce plugins don't even have visible effects on the front end. Installing plugins can improve your site's performance. Also, help it rank higher in search engines like Google.

Table of Contents:

1. Factors that will help you find the right Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins
2. The Top 6 Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins
     WP Easycart shopping cart and Ecommerce store
     Ecwid ECommerce Shopping Cart
     Easy Digital Downloads
3. Conclusion

The following factors will help you find the right WordPress ecommerce plugins:

1. The current supported WordPress version:

New WordPress versions are being released on a regular basis. This causes compatibility issues for plugin writers who are unable to keep up.

In general, useful plugins are being updated on a regular basis and to know more about updating a plugin, visit Update Plugin.

It's vital that they stay up to date with the latest WordPress core version. This avoids compatibility issues that could cause your website to break.

Wordpress warns the users when they try to upload the expired plugins. So, find the right Wordpress Ecommerce plugins for your online store.

2. The Overall impact on Page Speed:

Many Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins aren't always designed with efficient bandwidth (CPU consumption) in mind. Some can significantly slow down your website.

Check out publicly available plugin reviews before installing WordPress ecommerce plugins.

A simple Google search for "[Plugin Name] Review" can provide similar results.

3. Existence of Community:

The community can be a valuable resource for debugging issues. Some issues aren't covered in depth in the plugin support documentation.

There are a few methods for determining the WordPress ecommerce plugins community.

  • Check the number of downloads to see how popular a plugin has become over time. To determine a rough churn rate for various plugin settings, compare total downloads to the number of active installations. 
  • Use the WordPress Plugin Directory to look up the specified numbers for each plugin you're thinking about purchasing. If the plugin isn't included here, it's possible that it's only available as a premium (paid) tool. If this isn't the case, there's a serious problem with the plugin's quality. Security, documentation, and presentation are potential problem areas of WordPress.org. These prevent a plugin from featuring in the Plugin Directory.
  • Keep in mind, yet, that this directory excludes some of the world's most respected plugins. If you have any questions about a plugin, contact the commercial seller. The biggest red sign is a lack of response.
  • Don't rely on popularity figures; read a few reviews to get a sense of what it's like to use the plugin in practice. These reviews might help you to figure out if particular plugin features are good.
  • You can check how plugin developers respond to poor reviews. Also, whether they solve issues raised by reviewers.

4. Backend Support:

Some Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins crash, payment systems fail, and caches fail every now and then. Determine whether the existing plugin support will suffice for your requirements.

Some plugin developers can even make modifications straight in WordPress for you. They take away the middleman if you'd outsource the recommended fix to a web developer.

The Top 6 Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins:

1. WooCommerce:

WooCommerce is one of the free and open-source WordPress e-commerce plugins. It's aimed at small to medium-sized online merchants who use WordPress. The plugin was released on September 27, 2011. It quickly gained popularity owing to its simplicity of installation and customization.


  • Within minutes of installation, you may create PDF invoices and packing slips for current and prior orders.
  • The plugin is available in a variety of languages. This allows a large number of individuals all around the world to use it.
  • All invoices are organised sequentially, and the numbering can be formatted to your desire.
  • You can create invoices and packing slips in bulk or individually with this plugin.
  • Depending on who the email is being sent to, send out emails with bills already attached.
  • In the Pro edition, you may send packing slips directly to a printer. Also, use premium templates, and link to Dropbox, among other things.


WooCommerce is free, but any premium extensions you use will cost you money, often as much as $299 per year.

Who should consider these type of Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins?

This plugin is mostly used by B2B online stores. It makes sending invoices to clients a breeze. It's also handy if you don't use a third-party fulfilment centre and ship your own products.

2. BigCommerce:

BigCommerce is the best Wordpress Ecommerce plugins for your online store. It has its own content management system and hosting with its early developer beta version. It is now offering its services to the enormous WordPress community.

BigCommerce is Software as a Service (SaaS) product. This means you don't own it and must pay a monthly price to access it.

For larger enterprises, it's one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins. It has capabilities that allow you to manage multi-channel sales from a single control panel. It can handle larger catalogues, traffic, and order volumes.


  • Better credit card processing rates:       

BigCommerce has many processing partners. This allows it to offer its consumers better prices than competing WordPress ECommerce plugins.

  • Faster performance for the most effective cost:

BigCommerce controls the content on the front-end and runs the eCommerce section of your WordPress site. This results in improved speed and potential hosting cost savings.

  • Integrated PCI compliance handling:

BigCommerce will take care of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) regulations. On other eCommerce platforms, you will have to work out with your host.

  • Multi-Channel selling and management:    

Sell across several channels and marketplaces, such as a WordPress website, Amazon, and Google Shopping. You can also manage it all from one control panel. Your inventory will sync automatically, ensuring that there are no mistakes.

  • Great for larger e-commerce sites:

You may use these types of Wordpress ECommerce Plugins to create complicated catalogues and manage big volumes of orders.

  • Instant access to ecommerce features:

The Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins like this includes basic and complex functions like shipping calculations, taxation, and currency management without the need to install extra extensions.

  • Extensive Payment Gateways:

It works with 65 different global payment gateways, giving clients from all around the world greater options.

  • StreamLined Global Shipping:

BigCommerce works with all the major international carriers, allowing for real-time delivery estimates. Free delivery, flat prices, and drop shipping are also available.

  • Supports AMP:

BigCommerce for WordPress is compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The AMP format improves the performance of your eCommerce site on mobile devices and on search engine results pages.

  • Various Support and Services:

BigCommerce users can reach out to live support specialists by phone, chat, or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Larger businesses can take advantage of BigCommerce's dedicated services.


BigCommerce's monthly subscriptions start at $29.95.

Who should consider these type of Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins?

BigCommerce offers a complete array of marketing and analytics tools. It offers high-quality design options. Also, plenty of industry support for both small and large organisations.

3. WP Easycart shopping cart and Ecommerce store:

WP EasyCart is one of the top free WordPress eCommerce plugins.

This WordPress shopping cart plugin has a simple configuration process and tools that are easy to grasp. It is ideal for users with little technical knowledge of website construction.

WP EasyCart's free plan includes various advanced features, making it a cost-effective solution. Choose the Premium yearly package to gain access to more advanced features.

WP EasyCart has the following features that make it as one of the top WordPress eCommerce plugins:

  • Powerhouse free plan:

It is one of the finest free WordPress eCommerce plugins on this list because of comprehensive features such as unlimited product display, order management, and integrated payment methods.

  • Affordable Premium Plans:

Its yearly plans are reasonably priced when compared to other Wordpress eCommerce plugins for the capabilities they give.

  • Support Digital and Physical Products:

WP EasyCart may help you sell digital goods, physical stuff, gift cards, and subscriptions, among other things.

  • Supports Invoices:

You can create a product type in WP EasyCart that allows your customers to enter the invoice number and amount due.

  • Helpful Marketing Tools and Free Customer Support:

Every product, menu, and category has been SEO-optimized. This will help your boost sales. It also supports social sharing, so your visitors can effortlessly link to the products you sell. WP EasyCart also allows you to control your feed information making it the one of the best Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins.

It will automatically post your most recent stock or product information to Instagram and Facebook every hour, day, or week. The forums are active, and the video tutorials can assist you in resolving your issue on your own.

  • Multi-Language and Multi-Currency:

Offer your services in several languages to reach a larger audience.


It is free and then for premium plans $69-$99/year. 

Who should consider these types of Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins?

It is for small business owners who want to open an online store but don't have a lot of time to learn how to do so.

4. ShopWP:

ShopWP is a type of free WordPress eCommerce plugins that attempts to make creating an online store as simple as possible.

Originally a stand-alone Software as a Service (SaaS) eCommerce platform, Shopify is now available as a WordPress plugin.

The plugin is free to download, but using the services requires a yearly fee. If you use external payment systems, you will be charged an additional price. This is because Shopify encourages its consumers to use Shopify Payments, which is the company's own simple payment method.

ShopWP has the following features that make it one of the top WordPress eCommerce plugins:

  • Hassle-free for Beginners:

ShopWP will manage the technical components of an eCommerce store. This includes SSL certificate installation, payment gateway integration, and taxation.

  • Custom Ecommerce Experience on a Wordpress Site:

It's a simple method to integrate a storefront into your blog, display a single buy button, or showcase an entire product catalogue. It also comes with checkout and cart capabilities, so you can start selling right away on your WordPress site.

  • Supports various types of products:

On your WordPress store, you may sell both digital and physical items.

  • Extensive Inventory Management:

The Inventory editor, bulk importer, and order tracker are all accessible from your dashboard.

  • Streamlined Shipping Options:

The ShopWP shipping system works with a number of different shipping and fulfilment companies. In addition, you can give tracking data.

  • Integration with Facebook and Pinterest:

Create a Facebook Store or Buyable Pins on Pinterest with ShopWP.

  • Various Shopify apps and Stunning themes:

On the Shopify App Store, there are 1,000 apps to choose from. You can integrate tools like Xero for bookkeeping. Customize the style of your storefront to reflect the personality of your company.

  • Enticing Sale Pricing:

Display a comparison of regular and sale prices on your shop page to attract customers.

  • Various Variant Buttons and Insightful analytics:

It allows customers to filter products based on factors such as vendors, colours, and material types.

Your ShopWP Dashboard can help you better understand your business. It will provide you with reports on your sales, traffic, and growth trends.

  • Cloud-based Ecommerce Platform:

The platform is easily expandable. So, you won't have to worry about server upgrades as your eCommerce site grows in popularity.

Pricing for these types of Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins:

It is free and for premium version $99-$399/year.

Who should consider these Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins like- Shopwp?

This is mainly to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to create e-commerce experiences.

5. Ecwid ECommerce Shopping Cart:

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart is not confined to a single content management system. It connects with Drupal, Tumblr, and Facebook.

The WordPress Ecommerce plugins like Ecwid is more cost-effective than other WordPress eCommerce plugins. Its basic plugin is free to use and has many useful features. It also has some monthly payment options that give you access to more advanced services.

Ecwid is one of the popular WordPress eCommerce plugins because of the following features:

  • Compatible with multiple platforms:

Ecwid is well-known for its easy interaction with a wide range of website builders and content management systems. This includes WordPress, Drupal, and social network-based stores such as Instagram Store.

  • Powerful Free Plan:

 The free plan allows you to sell on many websites and includes features like a mobile-responsive shopping cart.

  • PCI-CSS Certified: 

The free plan allows you to sell on many websites. It includes features like a mobile-responsive shopping cart, and Google Ads integration.

  • Synchronizable Data:

You can install Ecwid on one site and then transfer all your shop data to another and synchronise the two. This will make it easier for you to sell on many storefronts at the same time.

  • Automatic Shipping and Taxes:

Ecwid works with major shipping companies like FedEx and UPS to calculate shipping charges. For certain geographical regions, automated tax rate calculations are also accessible.

  • Unlimited Storage, regular backups and security updates:

This plugin includes limitless storage, automatic backups, seamless upgrades, and security updates. Ecwid will ensure that your online store receives the most recent upgrades and bug fixes. This ensures you don't have to be concerned about these technical issues.

  • Mobile-Responsive Design:

Ecwid is compatible with any WordPress site, particularly those that use mobile-friendly themes. Your eCommerce store will appear fantastic on any screen. This gives your consumers an excellent user experience.


The Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins like- Ecwid is free, $15-$99/month for premium plans.

Who should consider these types of Wordpress Ecommerce plugins?

Wordpress Ecommerce plugins like Ecwid allows creative and small business owners around the world to establish stunning online stores without the need for programmers or designers.

6. Easy Digital Downloads:

Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that is one of the lightweight WordPress Ecommerce Plugins. It includes all the tools you'll need to sell your digital products quickly and easily.

Other Wordpress ecommerce plugins allow you to sell digital things from your WordPress shop. Also, they include a lot of capabilities for selling physical goods that you'll almost never use.

Easy Digital Downloads provides you with exactly what you need to sell your digital product–nothing more.

Features of the Wordpress Ecommerce Plugin- Easy Digital Download:

  • It's lightweight and it won't take over your site. You can expect the site to run smoothly and swiftly.
  • It has a cutting-edge checkout system that is useful for consumers who wish to download several files at once.
  • The entire experience is so smooth. You won't have to worry about consumers becoming annoyed and abandoning the site before making a purchase.
  • The discount code feature of Easy Digital Downloads is embedded right within the plug-in. For example, you could offer your consumers a percentage-based or flat-rate discount.
  • One of the main reasons, Easy Digital Downloads became so popular in the first place is because of the shopping cart.
  • It allows you to check out as a visitor or as a registered user. It also allows you to customize your shopping cart with Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons.

Pricing of the Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins:

Easy Digital Downloads is a completely free plugin. One of the main reasons it's so popular for selling digital things is because of this. It's possible that you'll have to pay a fee for your payment processor, but it all depends.

Who should consider these types of Wordpress Ecommerce plugins?

Designers and developers are the focus of Easy Digital Downloads.


Choosing the finest WordPress ecommerce plugins for your online store is dependent on the type of store you want to create.

If you're already using WordPress or are still deciding on a platform, we have the right choice. WPBlazer is a plugin that can help you save time and effort when it comes to WordPress management.

This management tool can help you with everything from the first WordPress installation to backing up your entire site.