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Keep your subscriber base clean and make managing your blogs easy. Add and edit WordPress users across all your sites - with a single click.
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User Management

User management is a tool that lets you assign a specific role to user accounts. A user is a person who has permission to access the site’s dashboard and perform certain tasks.

User management is a mission-critical responsibility. It requires careful thought - sometimes at the granular level - because you need to balance the value that users bring to the site (and your business) with the potential risks associated with giving outsiders dashboard access.

Fortunately, WPBlazer has the tools you need to tilt that balance in your favor.

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Manage users on one page.
If you run multiple sites with many users, you’ll love this time-saving tool. On a single dashboard, you can see every user from one, all, or a subset of your WordPress sites. If the list is too long, use the sort tool to zoom in on a specific site or user role.

Once you find the right user, click the Edit icon to make changes. Quickly modify a user’s role with a couple of clicks or update the user’s email or password.

Pro-tip: If you allow user registration, make sure the default role is set to Subscriber because it has the fewest permissions and lowest risk level.
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Remove unwanted users or spammers
Not every registered user is a friendly person. Sadly, some folks seem to enjoy stirring up trouble. On the WPBlazer User dashboard, you can locate and delete pesky user accounts in seconds.

Some malicious accounts are created by spambots that race around the internet superhighway looking for website vulnerabilities, like the default WordPress user registration link. Fake user accounts, fortunately, are often easy to spot - they’re usually the ones with garbled code in the user name or email address. You can quickly find and delete spam accounts on the User dashboard. Sort users by name or email and delete any suspicious-looking accounts while scrolling down the dashboard.
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Customize user roles.
As your sites grow, you might find that WordPress’s default roles and permissions no longer meet the needs of your business. Let’s say, for example, you want to create a new role -- a Super Editor - that gives the user permission to delete posts and plugins.

Modifying user roles with the default WordPress User management system is cumbersome. That work becomes a little easier if you install a plugin. There are heaps options to choose from, both free and commercial. Here’s more good news. You can find, install, and activate plugins on multiple sites from the WPBlazer dashboard.
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Improve user registration

If spam accounts are becoming a nuisance, maybe it’s time to upgrade your user registration process. There are plenty of robust tools that can be added to your site via a plugin. These include registration forms, captcha, and honey pots.

Whatever option you choose, WPBlazer simplifies WordPress user management. From the main dashboard, you can select, install, and activate a user management plugin on one or multiple sites. Say goodbye to the good ole days when multi-site upgrades meant spending time jumping from site to site to install a plugin and say hello to modern-day efficiency.

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