Wordpress Plugin/Theme Management

Manage your WordPress themes and plugins on all your blogs from the central dashboard. You will save a lot of time and more importantly ensure that your blogs are always up to date and fully secured.
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Plugin and Theme Management

Plugins and themes are wondrous pieces of software. They add or extend website features, functions, and design elements.

If you manage more than one WordPress site, chances are good you’ve installed a dozen or more plugins. Run a suite of sites? The number of plugins could easily exceed 100. Keeping those plugins up-to-date is vital for site security and performance, though a WordPress plugin management migraine.

And what about themes? Designers regularly update their coding to improve loading performance, close security holes, and add features.

These days, coders seem to be releasing updates more frequently compared to the past, in part, to keep pace with security vulnerabilities. According to some experts, out of date plugins or themes are windows of opportunity for hackers.

You need to close that window if you’re building a digital empire. The problem is WordPress plugin management can seem like an overwhelming chore that threatens to gobble up the time you’ve blocked for high-value work.

Luckily, WP Blazer has a solution.

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Streamline work.
WP Blazer’s WordPress plugin management tools help you achieve more in less time. You can locate, assess, and update plugins on all of your sites from one central dashboard. There’s no need to waste time jumping from site to site looking for the Plugin tab on the WordPress menu.

Ready to check the status of your themes? Quickly pinpoint which themes need an update -- on all of your sites -- with a couple of clicks on the WP Blazer dashboard. A few more clicks later, fresh updates abound.
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Bulk installations
By some estimates, there are around 55,000 WordPress plugins. With a global base of users and third-party vendors, new feature-packed plugins are coming onto the market each month.

If you’re busy managing a suite of sites, how can you possibly find enough hours in a day to install a plugin one site at a time? The short answer is you can’t.

WP Blazer’s bulk install tool can save you heaps of time. From one dashboard, locate a plugin and then select the sites that will get the new software. You have the option to install and activate, or just install..
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Save time with bulk updates.
Updating plugins in bulk couldn’t be easier. Manually update all plugins -- or a select number -- from a single dashboard. Run updates on all of your sites at the same time, or choose a subset of sites.

For maximum convenience, you can set plugins to update automatically. The auto-update feature is highly customizable. You can specify which plugins should auto-update and on which sites, too.
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Quickly open individual sites

Updating plugins and themes is usually smooth work, but occasionally there’s a glitch. For some reason or another -- often a plugin conflict -- an update or new installation does not go well on a site.

In these situations, you need to open the site, identify the problem, and find a solution. Fortunately, WP Blazer can help.

From a single dashboard, you can quickly access a single site’s admin panel with a couple of clicks. There’s no need to open a new tab, log into the site, and open the admin panel. WP Blazer eliminates those unnecessary steps so that you can focus on fixing the problem now.

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