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In-Built Malware Scanner Malware and injected code is one of the biggest threats to any blog. They are hard to notice and if left unchecked they can easily kill your blog and any relationship you have built with your audience.
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Malware Scanner

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that helps freelancers and business owners create amazing digital products and services. It also attracts unwanted attention. Hackers and ne'er-do-wells build WordPress products embedded with hidden malicious code. Their sinister aim is to disrupt sites, steal information, or something worse.

Malware - a portmanteau that comes from malicious and software - can enter your site from the backdoor, too. Bots roam the internet looking for system cracks, loopholes, and vulnerabilities created by outdated plugins and themes. Like a band of marauding Vikings, the disruptive effects of malware - including spyware, viruses, worms, and ransomware - can be devastating. Some ingenious types, for example, have found a way to exploit server resources to illegally mine cryptocurrency.

The longer malware sits on your site, the greater the potential harm. That’s why you need WP Blazer’s WordPress malware scanner. It’s the first line of defense against marauding malware.

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Instantly scan your sites.
It’s almost impossible to stop malware from landing on the shores of your website. You can, however, take precautions by using a WordPress malware scanner.

That’s where WP Blazer can help. By running regular scans from the Security Check dashboard, you can detect threats before they have a chance to spread and inflict greater damage. Designed for efficiency, you can launch a new scan on a different site with a couple of clicks on the same dashboard.
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Repair vulnerabilities
The Security Check tool does more than look for current problems. It proactively seeks out and identifies potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited in the future.

WP Blazer’s WordPress malware scanner looks for out-of-date plugins and themes. If problems exist, the scan provides update links on the same dashboard, a time-saving feature that lets you locate and repair system cracks at the same time.
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Protect your visitors.
Has your site been marked Unsafe by Google, or other important sites? This is a critical question because sites with malware problems can be flagged as dangerous. That means you’ll lose traffic and quite possibly infect website visitors.

You can easily check your site’s status by opening the WebTrust panel after running a Security Check. Click a link, and you’ll learn if a site has a Safe sign or has been blacklisted because of malware incidents. Once you’ve removed the malware, you’re on the road to website health and a Safe designation.
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Protect your domain

The scope of malware damage can be far-reaching and you might not even notice the changes right away. One devilishly clever malicious script can enter your site and create hidden landing pages. The URLs of those pages become the destination for spam email. Here’s the kicker - you might not even notice these pages because all of your content remains untouched.

Down the road, problems start to emerge, and you’re not really sure why. Your domain might be blacklisted because it’s the source of spam email. Traffic starts to fall off, and your PPC ads stop running.

WP Blazer’s WordPress malware scanner can reduce the risk to your domain by highlighting current and potential malware problems and offering solutions.
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