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Spam and inappropriate comments can be the bane of any blogger and it can quickly ruin your relationship with your readers. Now you can easily stay on top of spam and manage comments on all your blogs at once.
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Comment Management

Website managers have a love-hate relationship with the WordPress Comments section. On the positive side, reader comments provide excellent feedback. If you’re building a tribe -- a group of loyal and interested customers -- this band of merry followers will happily let you know when something works and when something is broken.

On the negative side, WordPress comment management can devolve into a time-consuming chore. Few website managers let comments pass through without approval, which adds to the workload. Then there is spam. Sure, there are filters, but they can’t catch everything.

Fortunately, WPBlazer has a few tools to simplify WordPress comment management.

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Manage comments from a central dashboard.
If you run more than a few sites, you’ll love our time-saving features. On a single dashboard, you can see every comment from one, all, or a subset of sites. If the list is too long, use a sort tool to zoom in on a specific site, author, date, or post title.

Once you found the right comment, click the approve or unapprove toggle switch. You can also edit or delete comments on the same page. With so many tools on a single dashboard, WPBlazer streamlines WordPress comment management.
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Quickly change the Discussion settings
Not satisfied with the way comments are managed on a particular site? Changing preferences is easy.

From the WPBlazer dashboard, you can quickly open and access the admin panel of a site, click the Settings menu tab, and then update Discussions settings. You can, for instance, set all comments for automatic or manual approval. You can also turn off the Comments section altogether if you wish.

When you’re finished with the admin panel, the system seamlessly brings you back to the WPBlazer Comments dashboard.
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Build rapport with your audience.
Getting feedback from readers and customers can be a productive and gratifying experience. What’s even better? Using the Comments section to interact with followers, engage their attention, and build a tribe.

From the WPBlazer dashboard, do more than read, edit, or approve comments. Keep the conversation going by replying to comments and asking probing questions.

Sounds time-consuming, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. WPBlazer simplifies communication so you can efficiently connect with the people who have demonstrated an interest in your content, products, or services.

Accomplish more in less time. That’s how you build a tribe with WPBlazer’s WordPress comment management tools.
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Optimize the comments section

If you’re running a successful website, your posts and pages might be generating a lot of comments. That’s good news, right?

Not always.

A long list of comments -- especially those containing avatars -- can slow down page load times. Slow speeds are bad for the user experience and possibly your SEO ranking.

Fortunately, WPBlazer can help. Use, for instance, the sort tool to find comments for a specific post or page. This information can help you quickly assess the scope of the problem and decide if further action is required.

There are many options and tools to optimize the Comments section. For example, you could open the admin panel and reduce the number of comments that display per page. Another option is to install a lazy load plugin, which loads page information when it is needed, and not before.

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