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Let’s face it, installing WordPress for the 20th time is not much fun. Having to reinstall all your usual plugins and themes, plus update all the settings… even less so. WP Blazer solves this problem too.….
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WordPress Install

As a seasoned pro, you probably know that WordPress is famous for quick installations. Couldn’t better, right?


WPBlazer pushes the WordPress install process to a whole new level speed, ease, and convenience. Yes, it’s a bit faster. More importantly, it’s integrated. That means you can do more with WordPress right out of the box.

You’re busy building a digital empire. We get it. We also know you’d rather spend time on high-value tasks like creating engaging content, building an email list, or contacting leads instead of jumping from site to site installing the same plugins for the umpteenth time, tweaking theme CSS, or writing down login passwords.

We feel your pain. That’s why you need WPBlazer. We simplify WordPress installation so you can do more.
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Shockingly easy installation.
WordPress installation has rarely been this easy. Open the Installation dashboard, fill in the data fields, and presto -- your new WordPress site is live. It’s a clean install - not a clone - built front the ground up with the most current version of WordPress.

Of course, you’ll need to do some prep work before installing WordPress, like securing an active domain. If you are adding a new site to an existing hosting account, the WordPress install is remarkably fast. If your aim is to host the site on a different account, be sure to add that hosting service to WPBlazer before running a WordPress install.

Here’s a cool feature. You can add more WordPress sites to the WPBlazer dashboard anytime you want. When inspiration strikes, WPBlazer is ready to streamline your workload.
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Manage your sites on one dashboard
After a successful installation, your new site is automatically integrated with the WPBlazer dashboard. This is where efficiencies start to reveal themselves. Forget about opening each site - one by one - to make tweaks, run updates, or install plugins - or anything that has to do with site management.

Integration creates opportunities to achieve more in less time. One-click access opens just about every tool on the WPBlazer dashboard, so you can get on with the business of building a business..
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Easy updates.
WPBlazer integration takes the pain out of software updates. Once you’ve completed the WordPress install process, you’ll need to update the core software from time to time. Those updates add features and improve security.

WPBlazer simplifies WordPress core updates. Starting from the Update dashboard, you can update all -- or some -- of your sites with a few clicks. Thanks to the integrated dashboard, it’s just that easy.
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Quick admin access

Sure, the WPBlazer integrated dashboard speeds up routine tasks with one-click access to a suite of management, security, and SEO tools. But sometimes you need to work on a single site.

No worries. From the main WPBlazer dashboard, you’re one click away from the admin panel on any WordPress site. Customize settings, modify CSS styles, upload media files - anything you want. And here’s the best part. Once you’ve finished working on the admin panel, you move seamlessly back to the WPBlazer dashboard without entering a single login password.

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Reclaim Your Free Time & Wave Goodbye To All Your Worries

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