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One of the biggest security risks to a blog is not keeping your version of WordPress updated. Wit many blogs keeping on top of this can be difficult… WP Blazer automates the whole process.
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Automatic WP Updates

WordPress code is like space, the boundless home of planets and stars. You know it’s there, but you don’t quite get the big picture. And much like the ever-expanding universe, coding doesn’t have an obvious endpoint - the updates seem endless.

That’s why managing updates can be a frustrating experience. Of course, we appreciate the new features and security enhancements. Until recently, though, tracking down and installing updates was a time-consuming challenge for people managing multiple sites.

That’s where WPBazer can help. We simplify WordPress auto updates.
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Quickly install the latest version.
Here’s a little known fact. WordPress runs auto-updates when it releases minor improvements. Mostly, these new features improve security, so they have a direct impact on your site’s health and performance. Major upgrades to the WordPress core - the coding that powers your site - are set to update manually by default.

If you manage a growing digital empire, updating each individual site doesn’t make sense. You could set update preferences to Auto on the admin panel, but to do that work, you’d need to log into a lot of sites.

There is a better way. From WPBlazer’s main dashboard, you can update the WordPress core on every site you manage with a couple of clicks.
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Instantly close security holes
Out of date plugins and themes are notorious security black holes. They’re the digital equivalent of leaving a house key under the Welcome mat next to the front door. That’s the first place people look if they want to break into your website.

To improve security and save time by avoiding manual updates, WPBlazer has a nifty WordPress auto update feature. On the Plugin dashboard, you can set updates to Auto for all, or a subset, of your sites. Are you worried about potential plugin conflicts? Deactivate the auto-update feature for specific plugins if you prefer to handle that work manually. When you’re done with plugins, open the Themes dashboard, and customize that auto update tool as you wish.
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Secure work with backups.

WordPress auto updates are a wonderful time-saving tool. But here’s the truth - every update comes with a certain amount of risk. We’re talking about plugin conflicts, site crashes, and database mashups. To minimize that risk, make sure your backup protocols are in order.

Fortunately, WPBlazer simplifies backups.

You can schedule backups and auto save the files to a remote location. For an extra layer of protection, open the Backup dashboard, and launch a fresh backup just before you run a WordPress core update. Yes, it’s an extra step, but it could save heaps of work because updates, like space, are a mystery.
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Keep your customers happy

WordPress updates aren’t just about security. They add site features and functionality which savvy customers have come to expect and sometimes demand. If you run an online business, how could you succeed without plugins that handle customer payments, build email lists, or provide customer contact forms?

WordPress auto updates also support site performance improvements. They can reduce page load time with lazy loading, optimize resource use by squishing images, and improve stability by cleaning out your databases.
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