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Post & Page Management

WordPress posts and pages are the heart and soul of your site. This is where you publish content. This is where folks come to read and learn. Maybe this is where you transact business.

Creating content that makes people come back, again and again, is really, really hard work. Managing WordPress posts and pages shouldn’t be.

That’s why you need WPBlazer. We simplify WordPress post management.

Here’s proof.
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Create and publish from a central dashboard.
Have you heard the expression publish or perish? It used to be the motto for university professors in search of tenure, the holy grail of academia.

Today, publish or perish is the mantra for online businesses. New content -- when successfully deployed -- can generate all sorts of rewards like traffic, lists, leads, and sales.

That’s why savvy content producers look for an edge. Something that helps them work faster and publish smarter.

WPBlazer can help.

Working from a single dashboard, you can publish WordPress posts and pages on any number of sites. Forget about jumping from site to site. This time-saving feature yields big benefits if you regularly publish unique content on multiple sites.
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Quickly edit and update content
Mistakes. They happen to most all of us.

If you’re an open-minded, philosophical person, you might see errors as opportunities to learn. For the rest of us mortals, online errors are a source of dread. Sure, minor errors can be overlooked, but sometimes they can result in lost sales.

Luckily, WPBlazer can help you find and fix errors in short order.

From a single dashboard, you can open a post or page on any site, edit the content, and republish. If necessary, you can change the status of a post or page: choose either published, draft, or pending review. With WPBlazer, WordPress post management has rarely been easier.
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Publish content on multiple sites at once.
While growing your digital empire, it might be useful to publish a single post on multiple sites from time to time.

Perhaps you have an irresistible offer that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. Or maybe you feel compelled to share a nugget of practical information, such as an update on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In certain circumstances, bulk posting could be very beneficial for your audience and your business.

Considering the potential impact and reach, it’s ridiculously easy. It works like this.
  • Open the bulk post dashboard.
  • Create a post.
  • Select the sites which will publish the content.
  • Click Submit.
In just a few clicks, you can publish a WordPress post on any number of websites. Very easy indeed.
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Easily manage reader comments

Another handy feature is the ability to manage reader comments. You can read, approve, unapprove, edit, and trash reader comments on any post or page on any site -- all from a single dashboard.

To encourage discussion, answer queries, and build reader engagement, you can also reply to comments.

Not every comment contains niceties or polite questions. You’re bound to receive a few nasty notes or curious queries from African bankers asking for your assistance. That’s why our WordPress post management tool kit includes a spam filter.

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