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What happens if you get hacked or the serves fails? Losing all your hard work can be a real set back. With WP Blazer you never have to worry about losing your work again
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Your WordPress sites contain text, images, e-commerce settings, and more. It’s your work – or maybe your client’s business.

What happens if you get hacked, the hosting service fails, or the databases become corrupt? For most of us, starting over is not a practical option.

WordPress backups are essential. They’re also sometimes forgotten – until needed at a critical moment. Even worse, some folks who thrive in chaos -- rather than order -- waste time during an emergency looking for the most recent versions.

If you’re not running an efficient backup system, you need WP Blazer. We simplify site protection.

Here’s how it works: set a schedule for automatic backups and then choose a backup storage destination. That’s it. You never have to worry about losing work - or hunting down misplaced files - again.

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Quickly schedule WordPress backups.
WP Blazer’s hassle-free backup tool is a real time-saver. Open the dashboard and set the frequency of backups for a single site. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly backups. You can set the hour, too.

Ready to schedule backups for another site? Set schedules for any number of sites on the same dashboard.

How often should you schedule a backup?

It depends on how much new content is published on your site. For some site owners, a monthly backup is sufficient. Sites that regularly publish heaps of new content might want to select a daily or weekly backup.
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Convenient and safe storage options
Here’s a common problem with backups -- you can’t find the right files. Ideally, WordPress backup files are stored in a place that you can access quickly when needed, but some of us live in a less than ideal world.

That’s where WP Blazer can help.

The WP Blazer backup tool comes with a suite of download and remote storage options. Choose the option that works best for you. For maximum convenience, you can configure the backup tool to auto-save files to your favorite remote cloud service, like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. If you prefer to store backups locally, choose the FTP or email option, and then save the files to your computer.
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Flexible backup options.
Need to change the schedule? Customizing backup settings is easy. On the Backup dashboard, you can change any setting, including frequency and destination. You can also change the type of data to save. The options are files plus database, or just the database.

Files include text, images, and plugins. The database contains detailed information about site content, including settings, registered users, posts and pages, and tags, categories, and comments.

Occasionally, you might need to run an instant backup instead of waiting for a scheduled event. Say, for instance, you want to backup a site right now before updating the WordPress core. That’s easy to do. Simply open the Cloud Backup dashboard and click the Backup Now button.

Why not backup the files and database every time?

If you have unlimited storage space, saving everything is the best option. If you run a large site and storage space is limited, you might want to take a more strategic approach.

Here’s one suggestion: schedule two backups for a single site.
  1. Schedule a full backup (files plus database) to run monthly.
  2. Schedule a database backup to run daily or weekly.
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Site down notifications

If a site goes down, WP Blazer’s comprehensive security program can help you get back online fast. We constantly monitor the status of your sites. If a website is not available, we send out an email message alert. The faster you know about a problem, the better you’re able to make an assessment, retrieve the backup files (if required), and take steps to get back online.

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