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Let’s face it, installing WordPress for the 20th time is not much fun. Having to reinstall all your usual plugins and themes, plus update all the settings… even less so. WP Blazer solves this problem too.…..
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WordPress is famous for its five-minute installation. What if you could install it even faster than that?

You can start and finish an install with a few clicks using the clone WordPress tool. Cloning a website means that you make an exact copy of the content, media, plugins, and database files - everything. A clone WordPress site is a precise and stand-alone version. That means any change you make to the copy will not affect the original.

A clone WordPress site is different from a backup. A clone is a fully functional, live website with an active URL. A back up is a collection of stored files that cannot be accessed online by your customers or loyal readers.

The WPBlazer clone tool is remarkably easy to use. Select a site, click the clone WordPress icon, enter some essential information, and presto - a clone is born.

Why would you want to create a clone?

Great question. We’re glad you asked. Cloning a site delivers four big benefits.
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Bulk installations
Testing new code, plugins, themes, or design ideas on a live WordPress site is generally something that busy site managers aim to avoid. Testing can disrupt customer service, cause unanticipated bugs, damage your aura of professionalism, and quite possibly wreak havoc on a site.

Not good.

The solution is to create a staging area. It’s a digital safe space with an exact copy of a live site that nobody knows about - except you and your development team. In the staging area, you can test ideas before they go live without worrying about disruptions, bugs, or crashes. If your experiment goes wrong, simply create a new clone and start over.

Once you’re ready to go live with the new ideas, open the original site, and implement the changes.
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Migrate to a new hosting service
Moving to a new hosting service can be a stressful life event. Fingers crossed, you hope the migration goes smoothly, and it probably will, but there is always a nagging question in the back of your mind -- what if?

You can lower the risk of a digital disaster, not to mention stress levels, by cloning a site before you move.

Migration works like this. Move the clone to the new hosting service. While waiting for the DNS changes to kick in (sometimes propagation takes up to 48 hours), the old site remains live. That means there is no service interruption while transitioning from the old hosting service to the new one. When the new hosting service kicks in, forget about doing a fresh WordPress install. Your site is ready with no downtime.
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Build a template.
The WordPress cloning tool is an awesome time-saver if you frequently build new sites from a template.

Let’s say, for example, your business sells 4-page e-commerce websites. The basic package comes with some customizations, but essentially, you are selling a clone of a template. When you create a fresh site for a customer with the cloning tool, you eliminate the need to manually create all the coding and design work from scratch. Instead of spending time on repetitive tasks, the cloning tool helps you focus on high-value work, like up-selling customization packages.
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If downtime means disaster for your business, then consider running a live clone as a backup.

Yes, the Backup tool protects what might be lost due to hosting issues or hackers, but getting back online can take time. If time is money, restoring a live site with a clone that is updated on a regular basis might be the fastest option for minimizing downtime.

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