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Using SSL is required these days. Google will warn your visitors if you don’t have it and even punish your ranking. Setting up SSL used to be both difficult and expensive - but not any more….
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SSL Management

Your site needs a WordPress SSL certificate. It’s digital proof your website is equipped with the minimum level of security necessary to protect your content and transactions. Long ago, only websites that processed credit card payments required an SSL. These days, every site should have one.

Here’s why.

SSL stands Secure Socket Layer. The SSL encodes data that moves between a server and a website visitor’s browser. Without this protective layer of encoding, hackers have an easier time stealing online information.

Websites with SSL protection are easy to spot. You can see the letters HTTPS in the browser bar. Sites that do not offer SSL protection - look for HTTP in the browser bar -- are often flagged by Chrome as unsafe and come with a rather stark warning message.

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Easy installation.
WPBlazer helps you protect your site with an easy WordPress SSL install tool. To be sure, SSL has a tonne of coding, but you never have to worry about that. Thanks to WPBlazer’s one-click process, you can create and install an SSL certificate on your WordPress site in seconds.

Most free certificates are valid for 90 days and need to be renewed before the expiration date. Luckily, there’s an auto-update feature. Once you check the auto-update option, you don’t need to think about it again.
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Save money
WPBlazer hooks you up with a free SSL service from Cloudflare, an internet company that has been offering certificates since 2014. Pioneers in online security, Cloudflare was the first company to offer free SSL certificates.

For most clients, a free WordPress SSL certificate provides great value and the right amount of protection. It is possible to purchase an SSL certificate. Though the level of encryption is generally the same as the freebie version, there are a few extras that some website owners might find valuable. Commercial SSL certificates tend to offer longer validation periods, technical support, and warranties in case of a data breach.
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Improve SEO.
A search engine optimization bump is another benefit of the WordPress SSL. Since 2017, Google has been nudging website owners to add SSL certificates to make surfing safe. Experts say Google now includes the SSL certificate as part of its secret algorithm for ranking pages.

Okay, nobody outside the hallowed halls of Google really knows the algorithm in nitty-gritty detail -- it’s cloaked in secrecy. But, it’s widely assumed that - at the very least - you’ll avoid a potential SEO penalty if you have a WordPress SSL certificate.
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Protect customer data

If your site handles sensitive data, you should have an SSL certificate. Sensitive data includes everything from email addresses (you’re list building) to credit card numbers, passwords, and login details. Having an SSL certificate is one condition (among many others) you need to fulfill if you want to claim that your payment processing system is PCI compliant.

The payment card industry (PCI) has rules and standards regarding the handling of online payment data. Companies like Visa and MasterCard are part of this organization and work to make online payments safe and prevent hacker attacks.

Running a PCI compliant site is good for business. WPBlazer’s one-click SSL certificate tool is good for business, too.

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