Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the uptime of all your sites 24/7. Easily identify and fix issues before they become real problems that hurt your traffic and income.
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Uptime Monitoring

Why do websites go down? It could be a problem with the hosting service, but most of the big firms offer a steady and reliable service. Reputable hosting services claim their uptime is 99.9% -- or higher. That’s pretty impressive, though it may not always be true. Even great hosting services can experience downtime once in a while, given the complexity associated with servers, data centers, and coding - plus the occasional DDoS attack.

Sites commonly go down for other reasons. During peak traffic periods, your server might reach its resource limit. Perhaps there’s an expected plugin conflict. Maybe you’ve been hit by malware, or the site is stuck in maintenance mode.

Looking at the big picture, there’s a deeper problem. How do you know when your site is down? Hosting companies rarely send out notices.

Uptime monitoring is vital to your business, but who has time to check every site if you’re growing a digital empire?

Nobody, that’s who. That’s what makes WP Blazer’s uptime monitoring tool so valuable. It keeps an eye on uptime so you can focus on the big picture.

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uptime monitoring
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Monitor uptime on all blogs.
WP Blazer provides 24-7 uptime monitoring for all of your sites. If a website goes down, you’ll hear about it. We send out an email message alert when downtime is detected and a message when it returns to normal status.

If your site does go down, we want you to know about it before your customers.
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Act quickly to solve problems
When a site goes down, what’s the first step? Logically, you want to begin a process of elimination and quickly decide if the problem is caused by the host. If your hosting service is stable, the next likely step is to open the site’s admin panel and look for plugin conflicts.

That’s where WP Blazer can help by saving you time. With a few clicks on the dashboard, you can systematically deactivate plugins. In a good number of cases, you might find that a recently updated plugin is the root cause of the problem.
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Keep everybody happy.
Downtime is bad for business. You lose traffic, leads, and sales. Even worse, some customers might never return because, in their eyes, your site is untrustworthy.

In some sectors, like online retail, interrupted access means lower credibility and higher abandonment rates. According to research by Akamai, retail sites that go down lose 9% of affected customers.

Uptime monitoring helps keep your customers happy by providing them with the goods, services, or information they want. It makes website owners happy, too.

Building a business involves risk, long hours, and superhuman dedication. We get it. But as you build your digital empire, why add uptime tracking to your to-do list?

Let WP Blazer take care of uptime monitoring while you take care of business.
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See uptime reports on the dashboard

Having doubts about the quality of your hosting service? Are your clients asking for uptime reports?

We can help by providing performance data. The Uptime Monitor dashboard shows the history of Site Up and Site Down activities for each WP Blazer site.
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