Multiple WordPress Sites on One Server – How It Works

Published at wordpress management on 2019-07-25 11:15:45

WordPress lets you make multiple websites from a single installation, making it convenient for any organization that needs to build and manage separate websites under a single dashboard. However, you can optimize that built-in capability with the right website management dashboard platform. Using that solution, you can manage multiple WordPress sites on one server more conveniently, with additional perks like better security, automated backup of your blogs and sites, support for your SEO and social media promotional campaigns, and round-the-clock monitoring. Here’s how it works:

  • Maintain all blogs from one dashboard – You can easily keep all sites or blogs up-to-date and secure with bulk updates, automated posting from a single dashboard. Secure one-click logins simplify the switching between multiple WordPress sites on one server, eliminating the need to remember and retype passwords. This helps you save time and accomplish more tasks. You can even manage categories and tags across all sites in one go for a more consistent SEO profile. You can also manage all comments from a single dashboard.
  • Backup – Avoid losing all your data and hard work with automated daily scheduled centralized cloud backups for all your WordPress sites and blogs. You can also backup your sites on demand, in case you prefer to do it that way or you want more control over what must be saved.
  • Security – Hackers can target and attack you without any warning, but you can keep their attacks and injected codes at bay when you manage multiple WordPress sites on one server. Look for a platform that comes with built-in automated malware scans and 24/7 uptime monitoring of all sites, so you can easily spot and fix any issues before they cause more problems to your bottom line.
  • Clone – Building a new WordPress site does not have to be difficult and more challenging when you can simply clone your existing setup and apply it to the new blog in one click.

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