Install WordPress Quickly: How Best To Do It, Minimum Fuss

Published at wordpress install by Nemanja Sumar on 07th Jan 2020

Have you ever wondered who knows the quickest way to do a complete WordPress install? You don’t need to wonder - it will always be the people who are doing niche micro-blogs. Niche micro-blogs are quick and easy websites that focus on long-tail keywords and precise products/services.

The success of a niche blog marketer depends solely on being able to make as many blogs as possible - so installing WordPress blogs as quickly as possible (with all the trappings) is crucial. The term “time is money” is best used for niche blog marketers. Why? The less time they can spend putting up a site is more money for them.

Install WordPress Quickly - New Opportunities

Niche blogging needs much automation to make it work. WordPress, with its famous 1-click, install made this more manageable and a lot more feasible. Yet, a blog still needs content, and this was a problem for quite a while. Then came along fantastic little plugins that allowed you to paste in a keyword list. Follow up with your store ID (such as Amazon), and it would create content for you.

These two evolutions in the niche blogging sphere helped make niche blogs into something that anyone would be able to do. However, the top tier marketers know that this isn’t enough. Having a successful niche blog network needs big numbers - and that is only possible by making sure that you are working as quickly as possible. Just ask these guys who made over a million dollars in Stripe money from their niche blogs.

Install WordPress via cPanel is quick, but it does come with a few drawbacks
Install WordPress via cPanel - Photo by Fikret tozak on Unsplash

Getting to grips with the Basics

There are many ways to install WordPress - from the old school method of uploading the files and navigating to the domain and one-clicking to using Softaculous with its many advantages.

However, you need to install all your plugins as well. You need to set up keywords for your SEO, and then you need to make sure you install an SSL certificate on your WordPress site. You need to set up each plugin and then go through the rigmarole of fiddling with settings that you’ve done a hundred times before but still need to do again.

This goes from hard, to easy then to almost auto-pilot the more you do it. The problem is when doing it still takes valuable time which could be spent on other activities. Activities that have more of an impact on your content and therefore, on the quality of your bottom-line.

After all, the more blogs niche marketers put up, the more sales they get. That also works for WordPress agencies. If your job is to make websites for other people - then you don't want to waste time setting everything up. charge for your content, not for something that can be automated easily.

What Are Your Options?

The Manual Way To Install WordPress

Well, the first option is the slowest by far. It is the “do everything manually” option which almost no one uses and for good reason. It is painfully slow. Slow to the point of being useless. Once upon a time, when WordPress was new, it might have made sense to upload all the files using FTP. Followed by creating a SQL database, and then editing the option files to reflect this.

After all that, all it took was “one-click”, and WordPress would install itself. Softaculous changed all this to be a genuinely one-click install process. Softaculous is a script installer that comes bundled with many website administration panels (such as cPanel or Plesk).

How to Install WordPress through cPanel

You choose which script you want to be installed, and Softaculous does everything for you. Different hosts will offer different options. The host you select will restrict what plugins you can add in automatically and what options you have for further customization.

cPanel has a variety of options for script installers, such as Fantastico, Softaculous and many others. It helps being the world’s most prominent control panel software for servers after all.

So you open up your admin panel, open up the script installer of your choice… and click on “Install WordPress”. Simple. The script installer does everything for you. This would include setting up accounts, your SQL database, and installing plugins.

The only problem with this method is that you still need to do extra work. Fully setting up a blog could again take you up to a week worth of work. Another problem is that the plugin collection that you can choose from is limited to whatever is in the WordPress vault. Since WordPress was made for the lowest common denominator, this can be, well, stifling.

Install SSL Certificate WordPress is an improtant part of every website, one that could have grave consequences if not followed through
Install SSL Certificate WordPress - Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

A more straightforward, faster method

There is one way that you can get a lot more options than what even Softaculous and Fantastico offer, and that is by using a third-party service to install on your host. Using a third-party installer is excellent, if only for one reason - you never need to worry about changing hosts. Whatever host you use, you can do the same thing over and over again.

WP Blazer, for example, has a deep variety of plugins in their vault - many of which are absolute musts for entrepreneurs. They also allow you to install your blog on any server you might be using at the moment and will immediately link that blog to their central dashboard.

The real trick of quickly installing WordPress

Here’s a trick many people do not use because it is usually difficult. Cloning a blog is the best way to make a large number of websites, very quickly. Particularly if you are looking to make small variations to niche blogs.

One thing that many take for granted is just how long it takes to perfect a particular style of website. One that is appropriately SEO compliant. One geared towards selling. One that has every picture in the right place. One where every word captures the attention of the reader and holds it long enough to see them turn into a customer.

Clone successful blogs and iterate. That is the most efficient and effective way to get ahead in the blog building business. Cloning can be a tedious and challenging process if you don’t have the required skills. WP Blazer takes all that skill learning, script hacking and programming out of the equation. Anyone can do it now.

The added benefits of install SSL Certificate WordPress

There are other things to take into account, however. Does your blog have an SSL certificate? How long does it take to install an SSL certificate in WordPress? Too long, if you have to do it by hand.

That is where WP Blazer shines. It allows you to do a multitude of beneficial actions. All of the actions are available from the comfort of a centralized dashboard. Build blogs, tweak them, put SSL on them and more.

Tools are what made people great. When tools took strength out of the equation, we grew. Now tools are taking tech knowledge out of the equation. Now it’s time for entrepreneurs - who care about the customer - to take over. WP Blazer is just making this change happen sooner.