What Is WordPress Image Management?

The WordPress Media Folder lets you explore or navigate the media library like how you browse files on your desktop browser. It lets you drag-and-drop your media files into subfolders and folders. The platform itself has its own media manager that lets you order and manage images and files. You can also install a WordPress image managementplugin that lets you categorize files, delete, or edit them in bulk. Keeping your media organized will help you find and use the exact file that you want or need for a particular post.

When you upload images or any media to your WordPress site, the file becomes a reusable item for any page or post you make. So, even if it is currently a part of a particular page, you can still include it in other pages down the line. Over time, your media library can fill up with several images and it can become disorganized, making it harder to find exactly what you need. In that case, then you need a good WordPress image management solution. There many different plugins that will help you keep media files organized and properly managed.

FileBird – WordPress Media Library folders are among the best choices for WordPress image management. It lets you arrange and manage media files smoothly and efficiently, like how you would do it on a desktop computer. It should let you organize thousands of media files, including videos and images, into folders, and categorize them with ease. The drag-and-drop function simplifies the moving and uploading of new files and rearranging folders. FileBird supports most themes and plugins and it is available in popular languages.

Proper WordPress image management should also include backing up your media library, so you do not lose anything, in case something goes wrong. Consider using a software that provides a dashboard for easy on demand and daily scheduled backups of your blogs, databases, and files. It should also help keep your media files secure.

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