If you are looking to build a great website with no to minimal skills, WordPress has got you covered. The online website builder tool is an easy and powerful website and blogging platform and content management system that can get you started right away. It is more convenient to build websites and start blogs using that platform these days, especially if you use a good WordPress website maintenance & management dashboard, which will let you do all the critical tasks of maintaining, securing, backing up, and promoting your sites and blogs under one roof. Moreover, it lets you see what is happening with all your sites at a glance, so you can spot issues before they cause further trouble for your reputation and your bottom line.

A dependable WordPress website maintenance & management dashboard will provide everything you will need to automate the most important tasks. Here are some of its features:

  • Plugin and theme management – Install themes and update them on one or multiple sites that you have built on WordPress.
  • Page and post management – Compose, edit, and publish pages and posts to one or more blogs with one click.
  • Manage comments – No need to go from one site or blog to another to view and manage comments. From the dashboard, you can approve all, edit, or delete them as necessary, and handle spam more effectively and quickly.
  • SSL setup – SSL management will be simpler and cost-effective from the WordPress website maintenance & management platform, which will eliminate all the guesswork.
  • Automatic backup – Set automated regular scheduled backups to the cloud, or run on them on-demand.
  • Find malware and issues – One of the best WordPress website maintenance & management platforms come with a built-in malware scanner that can detect hacking and injected codes, so you can take action and fix them. 24/7 uptime monitoring applies to all your sites, so you can identify and fix issues as soon as you can.