You can hardly go wrong with WordPress if you want to create your own website. It is a powerful and flexible content management system that is suitable for the novice, intermediate, and advanced website builder, as it allows you to do that, even without writing a line of code. While building a website is simple, managing it can be challenging, especially when you have other things to take care of. WPBlazer.Com has a solution that lets you manage WordPress sites from one dashboard. It is a platform that will handle repetitive and tedious tasks from a single place, making it a convenient tool for saving time, while keeping your blog secure and up-to-date.

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Use WPBlazer’s solution is primarily used for maintaining blogs. Use it to manage WordPress sites from one dashboard and keep your pages and blogs updated with features like bulk posting and bulk updates. One-click logins will enable you to save time when switching from one blog to another. The platform can automatically backup your hard work on a daily basis, or you can do it by yourself. Built-in automated malware scans are deployed by the platform to keep hackers and injected codes at bay.

Monitoring will be simpler when you use WPBlazer.Com’s solution to manage WordPress sites from one dashboard. It provides round-the-clock uptime monitoring for every site, so you can easily spot and fix any issues while they are still minor. That way, you can reduce the chance of issues affecting your bottom line. Using the system, you can also perform social signal analysis and optimize your content when you share blogs on social media. In case you need to clone your existing setup to new blogs, you can do that with WPBlazer’s one-click feature for cloning and setting up new blogs.

WPBlazer.Com offers a free trial for its platform. Sign up to see for yourself how convenient it is to manage WordPress sites from one dashboard, and explore the powerful features of the platform by yourself.

Steps to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard

When you have multiple websites to manage, certain administrative tasks can be a nightmare to handle without the right tools. This is why it pays finding a well designed platform that will allow you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. A WordPress website maintenance & management tool makes it simpler and easier to manage different aspects of WordPress sites ranging from quick updates to installations of themes and plug-ins across your managed sites. These tools are also useful when it comes to automatically creating back-up for all your sites and pages and storing them on a safe, offsite location. With the right WordPress website maintenance & management tool, it also becomes easier to handle users, comments, and related WordPress options so you can keep an eye on the most critical aspects of each of your websites’ maintenance requirements without having to switch between each site or logging on and off every one of them separately.

The steps to proper WordPress website maintenance & management largely depend on the tool you are using. Typically, maintenance and management plug-ins allow you to maintain your web pages and blogs updated and secure using bulk updates and automated posting, with 1-click convenience for all your managed sites. The best plug-ins also include back-up options as a crucial step for management and maintenance so users never have to lose any of their hard work ever again, with the help of on-demand and scheduled back-ups for all blog pages.

Ensuring security is also a critical step toward successful WordPress website maintenance & management. With the right tools, you can stay ahead of hackers through automatic malware scans and checks that help protect against injected codes and similar types of breaches. Great plug-ins also allow for round-the-clock uptime monitoring for all managed sites so that issues that may affect bottom line can be identified and fixed at the root level. The best tools also enable you to easily clone WordPress setups for use with new blogs or pages you wish to add to your managed listing.