What Is WordPress Site Builder?

Published at agency by admin on 16th Aug 2019

Building your WordPress site does not have to be daunting with the right tools and plugins. Using WordPress Page Builder, you can easily create a website whether you are a novice or a seasoned developer. The plugin is free and it lets you drag and drop contents to speed up the process of building a site and make it effortless through an intuitive live page composer. One of its top benefits is that it eliminates the need for coding, so you do not have to be an expert web developer or designer to build your own WordPress site when you use it.

WordPress Page Builder is a full front-end based plugin that comes with a lot of design options.  It lets you create impressive, classy, pro websites fast and independently using a drag-and-drop editor, which comes with a live page building system. It lets you build any kind of responsive page, even for mobile devices. It lets you perform unlimited redo/undo options, customize colors and font styles, use built-in blocks, and apply pre-designed templates. Page Builder also supports WordPress widgets and provides a library where you can save custom addons and blocks.

Developer options are also included in the plugin, along with well-designed shape dividers. Use it to create the perfect parallax effect or set device-specific responsiveness to enhance the user experience. WordPress Page Builder lets you duplicate with a single click, disable or enable addons, columns, or rows, import or export pages, resize columns to simplify development, and create various row-column structures. Furthermore, it lets you build SEO-friendly pages to help optimize each page.

Despite its many features and functions, WordPress Page Builder is lightweight, so it lets you spend less time creating functional and stunning websites. The plugin itself is well-coded to minimize run-time as much as possible. Consider using the plugin with a dashboard that lets you manage, secure, update, and backup multiple WordPress sites for a stress-free experience.

How it Works?

WordPress, in case it’s still unclear to some newcomers, is a CMS or content management system and not a website builder. Content management systems and website builders are often confused with each other because they share many similar functions, yet they are very distinct in terms of flexibility and user-friendliness. A CMS like WordPress offers great flexibility in terms of website and page publishing. However, they do require quite a learning curve since they rely on traditional coding when building pages. Website builders, on the other hand, are less flexible in terms of functionality, yet they are much easier to use in that they allow drag and drop ease when organizing elements within a webpage as opposed to using complex coding to achieve the results you want to see. Fortunately for WordPress users, WordPress site builder tools and plug-ins exist to give you the best of both worlds.

A WordPress site builder is a visual page building tool that makes it possible (and easier) for anyone—especially those with minimal to no coding knowledge to launch a simple web page for their business or any other cause. In the past, tools like these did not exist, which means people without the right skills had to solely rely on professional web designers and developers to create a website and engage the power of the web to promote their business online. Such service came at a significant cost. Even then, designers and developers had to use HTML and CSS to make even the smallest change on a website’s design—something that took a great deal of time and work to do.

With a WordPress site builder, however, users are able to skip the technicalities of coding and create pages with a few clicks. These tools allowed a more visual approach to website designing and site building, which meant users and web developers can now create and manufacture more web pages and sites quickly and easily by dragging and dropping elements ranging from images to videos, carousels, columns, site copy, portfolios, product galleries, and so much more.