Knowing what goes on in your WordPress site is critical to website monitoring and maintenance. With the right WordPress user management system, it becomes so much easier to keep an eye on every activity that happens within your site. Monitoring site and user activity is crucial for very obvious reasons, among the most significant of which is security. Keeping track of user activity enables you to recognize suspicious instances such as a user repeatedly trying to log into your website. Tracking failed login attempts can be a first step to hardening your login process and reinforcing your overall security.

Under a WordPress user management system, you can likewise track activity to facilitate better debugging by identifying what change or activity caused a particular issue. For instance, it is easier to go back to your user logs and see which plug-in or what action caused a problem and by whom. An efficient user management system also helps keep content integrity by restricting edit access only to authorized users. Also importantly, monitoring user activity allows you to provide better support to members, such as the case with membership sites and similar types of web resources, as you get to pinpoint exactly what’s causing their problems.

Your WordPress user management system can likewise help you manage your blogs, pages, and websites more easily and keep your user or subscriber base clean and virtually free from shady characters with less than good intentions in using your site. User management likewise enables you to add, edit, and delete WordPress users as needed across all your managed sites via a single, centralized dashboard and at the same time create admin accounts for authorized users. This kind of control is crucial in protecting your site’s security and performance. Just the same, a WordPress user management system can provide you options for creating a WordPress clone page to save time in applying the same setup to new blogs and/or sites and pages.