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Get WP Blazer With Developers Rights

WP Blazer Developer

Setup & Manage Sites For Clients As A Monthly Service!

Don't stop at just manage your own sites...

Unlock a separate area where you can manage your clients’ sites too!

Right now freelancers who do this manually are making $1k/mo from managing just 2-3 sites

After set up, the system is basically managed for you - so you can charge clients LESS than what freelancers are doing...which would let you DOMINATE the marketplace

WP Blazer developers license can be your profit generation machine that brings in revenue steadily and passively for you month after month.  

People are already paying hundreds per month for apps to JUST back up their sites.

Imagine how much they’d be willing to pay and how easy it would be for you to sign them up as customers once they hear you can also do SEO and social media for them

AND ... even take care of day-to-day updating of their sites.

Our Developers license is all about taking providing you with a steady stream of passive profits while our software will take care of all the work for you.

Those monthly recurring clients are really easy to get once you have our software – in fact beta users have reported generating sales within the first 24 hours of using our Developer upgrade.  

The WP Blazer Suite Developers Account
has NEW and added features too!

Manage your clients with even MORE power. 

[+] Manage UNLIMITED Number Of Clients
[+] Dedicated Client Reporting Area
[+] Set Up Unique Backup Areas, Different S3/Azure/Dropbox Accounts For EACH Client

More Control - Better Dashboard - Happier Clients!

Need Extra Cash Or Looking For Some Passive Profits?

This Software Does All The Work For You

This Developer license is exactly what need

This is a must-have upgrade that will take things to the next level for you

Start charging for services without needing a team to complete them

WP Blazer Developer does it all for you in a way that’s fast and guaranteed to bring you and your clients results

WP Blazer Developer


What Does This License Allow Me To Do?

Rather than using WP Blazer ONLY for your own sites, the Developer Rights License allows you to manage sites and services for 3rd-party clients too

Do I Need To Have An Established Business To Profit With WP Blazer 3.0?

No. Even beginner freelancers can score clients fast because WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing platform

Can I Charge Any Price I Want For My Services Performed With WP Blazer?

Yes. You can set the price you choose for your service, and since most of this is automated you should be able to undercut most of the services currently out there.

Should I Charge A One Time Fee, Or A Monthly Subscription For My WP Blazer Services?

You can choose what you want to charge, including adding the option of providing recurring service fees for your client if you like.

Can I Resell WP Blazer As-Is, Or As My Own?

No - for that, you need the White Label Rights license (available now for a limited time on the next page).

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